Puppyclass in english – NEW!

The most important class for every dog. This course is for you that wants to start building a good relationship as early as possible. We are practising on keeping eyecontact, walking on the leash and coming once called. We are talking about how to handle your dog in situations as clipping their nails, how to be passive and relaxed and what needs your puppy has that you have to fullfill. We also discuss subjects like what to do when they bite, how to housetrain and how to getting them to be okay with being alone for a little while.

After every session you will get in writing what we rehearsed.
Coffe and a handbook is included in the price.

Age: up to 5 months
Number of sessions:
4 times
Price: 2500 kr
Duration: 2 h

Availible dates for Hundudden 
Puppyclass starting 16/9 and the other dates are 23/9, 30/9 and 7/10 at 19:15-21:15. This class will be provided in english!

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